The Straight, Ablebodied, Cis, Rich, White Man’s Burden

October 8th, 2008 Barry Posted in Anti-racist cartoons, Economic cartoons, Feminist cartoons, LGBT cartoons | Comments Off


(Also available in black and white.)


The cartoon shows a young blonde white man, thin, wearing a light blue striped button-down shirt and tan pants. He is holding a tiny dark shape by a strap, backpack-style, although it’s smaller than a backpack. He is making a complaining gesture to the people around him.

Also in the cartoon are four other people of various ages, each of whom is bent under double under the weight of the huge burdens (big, rough shapes) they are carrying. There is a dark-skinned man with a prosthetic leg, a white woman, an Asian woman, and a black woman. All are glaring at the young white man.

WHITE MAN: Why are YOU people complaining? Can’t you see I’VE got a burden, TOO

CAPTION: The Straight, Ablebodied, Cis, Rich, White Man’s Burden