Who To Blame?

Cartoon by Barry



PANELS 1 & 2. The Federal Reserve, depicted as a professorial-looking man (bow tie, pipe), cheerily talking to a balding, working-class looking dude in an undershirt. Working class dude is listening without much expression.
FEDERAL RESERVE: hi! i’m the federal reserve! i practically run the economy! i COULD use my powers to lower unemployment, but INVESTORS don’t want that. in fact, whenever unemployment gets LOW, i make it go UP. because that’s what wall street wants. i purposely create unemployment!
PANELS 3 & 4 The Federal Reserve is gone, and in his place is The Banking Industry, depicted as a balding man in a vest, tie and jacket, and with dollar bills floating in the air around him. Banking Industry is even more cheerful than Federal Reserve was. Working class dude continues listening expressionlessly.
BANKING INDUSTRY: hey there! I’m the banking industry. i pack the government with my friends, and gamble wildly until i destroy the entire economy. after that, i’ll get bailed out with YOUR tax dollars. then i’ll foreclose on the horribly inequitable mortgage i sold you and take your home!
PANEL 5: Man wearing Uncle Sam hat has now replaced Banking Industry. Uncle Sam waves cheerily. Working Class Dude continues to listen expressionlessly.
UNCLE SAM: greetings! i’m your goverment!
PANEL 6: Uncle Sam leans in and whispers. Working Class Dude continues to listen expressionlessly.
UNCLE SAM: i make little GESTURES towards reform, but in the end i always take the banks’ side! because they totally OWN me!
PANELS 7 & 8: An Immigrant Dude replaces Uncle Sam, and speaks cheerfully. Immigrant Dude looks exactly like Working Class Dude, except his skin is a little darker. Working Class Dude continues to listen expressionlessly.
IMMIGRANT DUDE: hello! i’m an immigrant. i just want to work hard to feed my family.
PANEL 9: Working Class Dude yells very loudly and angrily; Immigrant Dude winces back in surprise.

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Reassuring White People

Cartoon by Barry

Panel one: Two women are talking, one white, one black. The white woman looks annoyed, the black woman looks nervous.
WHITE WOMAN: so then HE said i was being RACIST! that’s CRAZY, right?
BLACK WOMAN: um… do you realize you’ve done this before?

Panel two
WW: Done what?
BW: Ask me to reassure you you’re not a racist.

Panel three: Close-up on the black woman, mockingly imitating a jubilant doctor.
BW: when i was BORN, the doctor didn’t say “oh, it’s a healthy BLACK baby! god willing, she’ll grow up to reassure WHITE people!”

Panel four: Close-up on the black woman, now with an openly angry expression.
BW: my PARENTS didn’t say “if we raise her JUST right, then SOMEDAY she’ll make WHITE people feel BETTER about themselves!”

Panel five
BW: do you UNDERSTAND what I’m telling you?
WW: I think I do.

Panel six
WW: just one thing… you’re not suggesting that I’ve been RACIST, right?

Tiny inset panel at bottom of panel six
BW: Do you even hear the words I say?
WW: The ones I like.

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Obama and The End of Racism

Cartoon by Barry

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Maintain that Hierarchy!

Cartoon by Barry

This comic strip was a component of a larger page of cartoons originally done for Dollars & Sense Magazine. You can view the whole thing here.

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Recession Funnies!

Cartoon by Barry

“Recession Funnies” was a 2/3 page group of cartoons done for Dollars & Sense Magazine. It’s too large to fit in this space, but you can view the whole thing here.

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Why Nestle Isn’t Racist

Cartoon by Barry

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White Lies

Cartoon by Barry

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History Marches On; Nativism Marches In Place

Cartoon by Barry


(This cartoon is also available in black and white.)

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The Story Of Bob And Race

Cartoon by Barry


The colors for this cartoon are by Peggy von Burkleo. Check out her webcomic Samhain Night.

Transcript of cartoon.
Panel 1
A white politician in a podium is making a speech.
CAPTION: How Bob’s Great-Grandparents got into the USA.
POLITICIAN: Our immigration laws should make it easier for the right kind of people to immigrate.

Panel 2
An office environment (presumably a bank office). At a desk in the foreground, a smiling banker shakes hands with a smiling white couple. At a desk in the background, a white banker is speaking to an unhappy looking Black couple.
CAPTION: How Bob’s grandparents became homeowners.
BANKER TALKING TO WHITE COUPLE: We’re happy to approve your mortgage loan!
BANKER TALKING TO BLACK COUPLE: Sorry, we can’t help you.

Panel 3
In the foreground, a white, prosperous-looking man in a business suit puts his arm around a younger man’s shoulder, in a mentoring sort of way. In the background, another white businessman dismisses a young Black man in a suit.
CAPTION: How Bob’s Dad began his career.
BUSINESSMAN: We like you… You seem like one of US. We’re offering you a foot in the door.
OTHER BUSINESSMAN: Sorry, the position’s been filled.

Panel 4
A white woman with a clipboard talks to a young white couple. The man of the couple is whispering something to his wife.
CAPTION: How Bob’s parents became homeowners.
CLIPBOARD WOMAN: We only show homes in THIS neighborhood to the RIGHT sort of people.
MAN (WHISPERS TO WIFE): Lucky your parents can help us with the down payment.

Panel 5
In the foreground, a blonde cop speaks sternly to a young white man. In the background, a dark-haired white cop leads a young black woman away in handcuffs.
CAPTION: How Bob got through his teens.
BLONDE COP: I’ll let you off with a warning… But if I catch you with drugs again…!
DARK-HAIRED COP: Kid, you’re under arrest!

Panel 6
A young man with a somewhat puzzled expression shrugs as he speaks directly to the readers.
BOB: I’VE never benefited from racism!

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Sweet, Sweet Denial

Cartoon by Barry

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