Going To The Scary Place

November 10th, 2008 Barry Posted in Barry's favorites, Economic cartoons | Comments Off on Going To The Scary Place


This cartoon has six panels, with a caption at bottom. The caption says “GOING TO THE SCARY PLACE.”

All the panels depict two woman, talking as they walk through a residential neighborhood, with fences and houses and trees. One woman is wearing jeans and a peacoat; the other is wearing a sweater over a long flowy skirt.


PEACOAT: I’m still not sure if subprime mortgages were a good or a bad thing.

SWEATER: How so?


PEACOAT: On the one hand, when credit companies tempt poor people with mortgages they can’t afford, we end up with lots of poor people losing their homes and life savings!


A closeup of Peacoat. She’s looking a bit angry and making a palms-up gesture with her hands that I’d roughly translate as “what the fuck?”

PEACOAT: But without subprime mortgages, who’d make it possible for poor people to buy homes and build up security? Poor folks get screwed either way.


Sweater talks seriously, her arms folded on her chest. She’s got her mouth open WAAAAY wide, and I have no idea why I drew it that way (I’m typing this transcript in 2019, and this cartoon was drawn in 2007).

SWEATER: I see what you mean. But we can’t even begin to get out of that trap without looking at the root problems of an economy that values profits over people.


Close-up on Sweater. She’s getting a bit excited/angry as she talks, waving her arms and with an intense expression.

SWEATER: The left has to stop being so afraid of questioning capitalism, and so afraid of looking at socialism when it makes sense!


Sweater has a questioning expression as she looks up into a tree. Peacoat can no longer be seen, and her word balloon is coming down from the tree.

SWEATER: er… Why are you hiding in that tree?

PEACOAT (speaking from tree): Y-y-you said th-th-the “S” word!

SWEATER: See, this is exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about.