Reprint Rights for Cartoons

All of my cartoons are available for reprinting. Regardless of how they appear online, all of my cartoons are available in your choice of black & white or color. I charge on a sliding scale; in essence, I ask you to pay me whatever you think is fair for a publication of your size.

Here are some guidelines, in case you’re not sure how much to pay.

  • Personal blogs and websites: No charge! But please link to
  • Local publications: $25-$100 per cartoon. (Minimum of $50 for color).
  • National publications: $50-$500 per cartoon.
  • Commercial websites or large non-profit websites should propose a fair price based on your budget. I’d suggest a range of $25-$250 per cartoon.
  • In addition to all that, I’d love a contributor’s copy of your publication, if possible.
  • I accept payment via check or paypal.

To purchase a cartoon, just send me an email. In your email, be sure to include:

  • The title or URL of the cartoon you’d like to reprint.
  • If you want the cartoon to be in black and white or color (all my cartoons are available both ways, regardless of how they appear online).
  • How much you’re offering to pay.
  • Information on where I should email, mail or fax you an invoice.
  • Any other information you want me to know.

Once we’ve reached an agreement, I’ll email you a print-quality image of the cartoon. Don’t try printing from the images available online; those images are only 72 dots per inch, and will print “fuzzy.”

Commissioning an original cartoon…

If you’d like an original comic strip on the subject of your choice, or incorporating specific elements from an article, email me and we’ll work something out. Prices depend on the complexity of the cartoon you want, and how soon you need it finished.