Regarding the Ongoing Irrelevance of Keynesian Economics

November 3rd, 2009 Barry Posted in Economic cartoons | Comments Off on Regarding the Ongoing Irrelevance of Keynesian Economics

A cartoon inspired by Paul Krugman’s article “How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?

This cartoon was used as the front cover for an issue of Australian Fabian News.

Panel one: Dude wearing “Uncle Sam” hat and a Hawaiian shirt is walking alongside a cliff, with John Keynes, who has a big mustache.
HAT DUDE: Keynes, you are old-fashioned and useless. Modern economics has transcended you.

Panel 2: Hat Dude teeters on the edge of falling off the cliff.
HAT DUDE: Oh Dear! I am plummeting over a cliff! SAVE ME KEYNES!

Panel 3: Keynes has caught hat dude by the wrist and is pulling him to safety.
KEYNES: It’s okay… I’ve got you!
HAT DUDE: Thank you, Keynes!

Panel 4: They resume their walk.
HAT DUDE: As I was saying, Keynes, you’re of no use at all!

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