Unemployment: Democrats Vs Republicans

March 22nd, 2011 Barry Posted in Economic cartoons, Labor rights & Unions | Comments Off on Unemployment: Democrats Vs Republicans

The scene shows two women, one of them a bit older and dressed in black skirt, heels, and a blazer, the other one a bit younger and wearing a hoodie, plaid pants, and sneakers.

Panel One
OLDER WOMAN: as an UNEMPLOYED person, you’d be NUTS to vote for the republicans! they’ve got NOTHING to help the unemployed!

Panel Two
OLDER WOMAN: republicans want giveaways for big corporations and they want tax cuts for THE RICH. that’s ALL they care about!

Panel Three
OLDER WOMAN: we’re facing the biggest unemployment crisis since the great depression! it’s CRUSHING our economy! and the gop IGNORES it!

Panel Four
YOUNGER WOMAN: okay, i WON’T vote republican! so tell me- what are DEMOCRATS doing to help the unemployed?

Panel Five
No dialog. The older woman thinks about it, the younger woman waits eagerly.

Panel Six
No dialog. The older woman grins like a salesperson afraid of losing a sale, the younger woman looks annoyed.