Government To The Rescue!

October 9th, 2011 Barry Posted in Economic cartoons | Comments Off on Government To The Rescue!

Panel 1: A woman, two small children, and a man dressed like an evil landlord from a silent movie (including curly mustache) are standing atop a precariously balanced wedge of land. The underpinnings of the land have been dug out until they’re basically nonexistent. The woman is yelling in panic, the evil man is grinning and holding a shovel.

WOMAN: SOMEBODY HELP US! This GREEDY BANKER undermined our ECONOMY and it’s about to COLLAPSE!

Panel 2: A male superhero with a “G” in a superman-like chest design flies through the skies, somewhat startling a bird.

SUPERHERO: As the GOVERMENT, I can’t just WATCH this happen… I must TAKE ACTION! TO THE RESCUE!

Panel 3: With a determined expression, the superhero kicks out the remaining foundation, and the two children, the woman, and the evil man go tumbling towards the ground.

Panel 4: The superhero flies through the skies, smiling, carrying the grinning evil man gently in his arms.

EVIL MAN: My hero!