So Inspiring! (featuring guest artist Nidhi Naroth)

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The guest artist for this cartoon is Nidhi Naroth. Nidhi’s work has a vibrancy I love – even their desaturated colors somehow glow.

I asked Nidhi for a two-sentence bio: “Nidhi is a queer artist with roots in South Asia. They adore conversation and will definitely keep you for an hour or so to talk about various mythologies and folklores (only if you have the time to spare!).”

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This cartoon has four panels. All four panels show a few people in what appears to be a park, with a path going past some enormous looking trees.

The characters might be teen girls, or might be young women. One of them is wearing a sky-blue tee shirt and has long red-brown hair down almost to her waist. One of them is wearing a brown hoodie, with the hood down, and has a nice-looking short haircut.

The third is wearing a bright yellow button-up shirt open over a brown undershirt, with her brown hair in high pigtails, as well as a necklace and some bracelets. She’s walking with a dog on a leash. She’s wearing shorts, and we can see she has two prosthetic legs.


Blueshirt, walking next to Shorthair, is talking to Pigtails. Pigtails has turned back to talk to Blueshirt. All three are smiling, but Pigtails is holding up a hand in a “please stop” gesture.

BLUESHIRT: Excuse me, I just wanted to say, it’s so inspiring seeing you walk your dog despite your disability!

PIGTAILS: Please don’t.


A closer shot of just Pigtails as she cheerfully explains.

PIGTAILS: When strangers say I’m “inspiring,” they mean they’re amazed I can do normal human things.

PIGTAILS: Like I’m a video of a cat walking on its hind legs!


A long shot shows Pigtails waving goodbye as she and her dog walk away. Blueshirt and Shorthair are silent, and look a little bit remorseful.

PIGTAILS: I don’t want to be your inspiration, okay? I just want to walk my dog.

PIGTAILS: Have a good day.


A closer shot of Blueshirt and Shorthair; Pigtails is no longer here. Blueshirt is grinning, her eyes wide, clasping her hands together on her chest. Shorthair is smiling as she holds up her smartphone, taking a photo.

BLUESHIRT: The way she chewed us out? So inspiring!

SHORTHAIR: I can’t wait to post this on Facebook!

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