The Revising Old Novels Cycle

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This cartoon has three panels, without panel borders, orbiting a caption in the middle of the cartoon. The caption says, in a big friendly font, “THE REVISING OLD NOVELS CYCLE.”

Between each panel is a big red arrow, indicating that readers should read clockwise.

You could start reading this cartoon with any panel, but for purposes of this transcript, I’m going to say the one nearest the top is panel one.


Two people are talking; an indignant man carrying a tablet and wearing a tee shirt with Superman’s “S” logo on it, and a woman with glasses and a red hairband, who is agreeing with him.

MAN: I can’t believe publishers are revising decades-old novels to make them “woke.” I’ve got a solution: If you don’t like a book, don’t buy it!

WOMAN: You’re right!

A red arrow leads from panel one to…


The woman in the red hairband is looking at a book with an expression of distaste.

WOMAN: Ew… This old spy novel uses the “N word.” I’ll just buy something else!

A red arrow leads from panel two to…


A woman with her arms folded is talking to a man who is looking up something on his smartphone. (They are different characters from the ones in panels 1 and 2). Both of them are dressed in business wear.

WOMAN: People aren’t buying our classic spy novels because they don’t like the racism. We’ll have to revise.

And a red arrow leads from panel three back to the first panel.