Such An Easy Mistake To Make

October 9th, 2008 Barry Posted in Barry's favorites, LGBT cartoons | Comments Off on Such An Easy Mistake To Make


This cartoon has four panels, plus a tiny fifth “kicker” panel at the end. Below the entire cartoon, a large caption says SUCH AN EASY MISTAKE TO MAKE.

All panels show two women, on a suburban looking sidewalk, waiting by a sign that says “bus.”  One woman has black hair in a ponytail, is wearing a hoodie and a calf-length black skirt, and is carrying a purse. The other woman has short, spiky blonde hair, a sleeve tattoo covering her left arm, and is wearing pinstripe pants with a black sweater-vest over a white tee shirt.


The woman with the ponytail is leaning towards the woman with the spiky haircut. The woman with a spiky haircut is holding a cell phone. (It’s a flip phone, because this cartoon was drawn in 2009 and flip phones were the ultimate in cool.)

PONYTAIL: Excuse me, I overheard what you said on your cell phone… and I totally agree. A transsexual just isn’t a woman!

SPIKY: Oh! Well, thank you. It sometimes feels like the whole idea of “woman” is being attacked.


Both women’s body language gets very energized as they bounce off each other’s ideas. Ponytail holds out her arms, palms up, in a “come on!” gesture; Spiky leans in, smiling, and holds up a finger to make a point.

PONYTAIL: Exactly! I’m sorry, but there’s so much more to being a woman than wearing a dress or having some surgery!

SPIKY: Yes, yes, yes! There’s something essential that men can’t just buy from surgeons!


Ponytail looks annoyed as she thinks about being called a transphobe; Spiky angrily agrees with her, spreading her arms wide.

PONYTAIL: You wanna know what I really hate? The word transphobia!

SPIKY: Me too! The word is a scare tactic they use to silence anyone who disagrees with the trans agenda.


Ponytail, very happy, holds her hands together in front of her. Spiky, smiling, holds a hand to her chest in a “me?” gesture.

PONYTAIL: This is so nice… I love meeting other radical feminists!

SPIKY: Radical feminist? Are you kidding? I’m a conservative Christian!


Ponytail facepalms as Spiky looks a little disappointed.

SPIKY: Does this mean we can’t be friends?

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