The Wage Gap And Women’s Choices

April 8th, 2011 Barry Posted in Economic cartoons, Sexism & Misogyny | Comments Off on The Wage Gap And Women’s Choices

The scene: Two women talk. One wears a black skirt, the other has a ponytail.

Panel one
BLACK SKIRT: the WAGE GAP has nothing to do with SEXISM! women are paid less because they make different CHOICES.

Panel two
BLACK SKIRT: HAVING A FAMILY, for example. many women take time off from work to take care of children or elderly relatives…

Panel three
BLACK SKIRT: so women work less. or work part-time. or need more flexible jobs. and as a result, they get paid less. but what does that have to do with SEXISM?

Panel four
PONYTAIL: couldn’t MEN do half of that unpaid work?

Panel four, tiny subpanel in the corner
PONYTAIL: okay, i’ll let someone ELSE raise my kids.
BLACK SKIRT: what kind of LOUSY mother does THAT?