Tax Cuts Fix Everything!

June 8th, 2011 Barry Posted in Economic cartoons | Comments Off on Tax Cuts Fix Everything!


Panel 1
Angry middle-management white man: Government has gotten too damn big. That’s why I want to cut taxes.

Panel 2
Anxious-looking white man: Unemployment is going down! That could create inflationary pressure! And the cure is tax cuts.

Panel 3
Preppy looking white guy: The Federal deficit is unsustainable! That’s why I support major tax cuts!
White guy with mohawk: Wouldn’t tax cuts make the deficit bigger?
Preppy guy again: Math has a liberal bias.

Panel 4
Wide-eyed white woman: People with incomes above a quarter million face too great a burden! It’s inhuman! We must lower income taxes! (We can pay for it by defunding Medicaid.)

Panel 5
Grinning white man in suit: Unemployment is high! If we slash taxes, then unemployment will definitely go down to 3%. Like it did under George Bush!

Panel 6
Yelling white man in disco suit: Fashion has inexplicably changed since my youth! We need tax cuts!

Tax Cuts Fix Everything