The Only Way Democrats Can Win

July 13th, 2017 Barry Posted in Elections | No Comments »

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The cartoon has one panel, which shows three people having a heated discussion. The three people are an older Black woman, a young white woman with tattoos and pink hair, and a middle-aged Latino man wearing suspenders and a collared shirt.

OLDER WOMAN (smiling, holding up a forefinger as she explains): There’s only ONE message that will let Democrats win elections, which is to argue FOR things I agree with and AGAINST things I disagree with.
TATTOOED WOMAN (angry, holding up a hand in a “stop!” gesture): Don’t be RIDICULOUS! They can only win by agreeing with ME about things!
SUSPENDERS MAN (angry, with his arms outspread): You FOOLS! Everyone knows that things I agree with are the ONLY way to win!

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