Global Warming and the Politics of Personal Purity

March 24th, 2019 Barry Posted in Environmental cartoons | No Comments »

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This is a five-panel cartoons; four ordinary sized panels at top, and an enormously tall final panel.


We see a close-up of a woman with kinky hair, wearing a dark collared polo shirt, speaking intently, hands raised to about the height of her chin.

POLO SHIRT: Whenever I do something that contributes to global warming, I imagine smoke rising off me, fouling the atmosphere.


The “camera” has zoomed out a little, and we now see that Polo Shirt is talking to a woman with dark short hair, a black tank top, and glasses. The woman with glasses has a friendly expression.

GLASSES: That’s not how climate change works.

POLO SHIRT: I know! But picturing it that way keeps me motivated.


The “camera” has backed out a bit more, and we can now a large shiny black object at the right side of the panel.  Polo Shirt is checking off points on her fingers.

GLASSES: So what sort of things do you do?

POLO SHIRT: I take pubic transit, I never drink bottled water, stuff like that.


The “camera” has backed up still more. Polo Shirt has spread her arms apart, palms out, as she talks. To the right, we can now see more of the large dark object, which reaches up past the top of the panel, taller than the two characters.


This is a very tall panel,. The “camera” has backed WAY up. The two women talking are now very tiny; we can see that the huge object next to them was a shiny black shoe. The shoe, which is approximately the same height as the women, is worn by a businessman. He’s wearing a dark three piece suit and towering above the two women like a skyscraper. The businessman is looking blankly out, holding a bottle of water in one hand and a briefcase in the other. Smoke rises from the suitcase and the water bottle, filling the air around the businessman’s head completely.

Polo Shirt is continuing to talk, and hasn’t noticed the giant businessman. Glasses is leaning back and looking up, beginning to notice the businessman.

POLO SHIRT: The most important thing we can do is clean up our own lives. There’s no better way to fight global warming.

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